A non-denominational church in Hendersonville, TN // Sundays 9AM & 10:45AM //

Holy Spirit Seminar this Monday and Tuesday

Holy Spirit Seminar
Monday and Tuesday at 6:30pm in the CIL sanctuary



On Monday (September 30), I’ll be teaching from the Spirit-filled / Charismatic perspective of our Three Streams designation. Bring your Bibles, and we’ll also get into Scripture, theological interpretations, and recent church history.

Tuesday (October 1) is the second part of our Holy Spirit seminar. I will do some light teaching, and Pastor Aubrey will lead us in worship. We will pray for everyone who wants to be filled with the Spirit.
Childcare will be available for children ages 5 and under both nights.

You can participate in both nights, or come for the evening that fits your schedule or interest.

Come, Holy Spirit!

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