You know that feeling when you start something new?  A new job, a project, an activity – there’s anticipation, as well as perhaps some level of trepidation.  One of the factors that can make a difference for you is to know you have the tools you’ll need for this new experience:  you’re prepared.  
That’s what we do in the Back to School Blessing, we provide the tools a student needs to walk into school the first day feeling prepared.   For $20 we purchase a backpack and fill it with the items on the school supply list (we’ll have elementary, middle and high school supplies).  
Will you help us with this project?  Our goal is to provide over 200 filled backpacks to children in our community whose families might have a tough time making those purchases.  
We’ll fill the backpacks Friday night, July 31st and distribute them Saturday, August 1st at 9:00 a.m. from the parking lot of the Goodwill Store on New Shackle Island.  
Thank you for making the Back to School Blessing possible again this year!

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