What is community?

What is community?

“Community” is why you should attend a 2:42 Group this Sunday evening.   By Community, I am not referring to the old NBC sitcom.  Long before that show became a hit, I was using the word “community” as a singular description of how God wants us to live our faith out with other Christians.
The following points are from a sermon I preached a few years ago called “What is Community?”   As you consider attending a 2:42 Group the next two weekends, I hope you consider these observations about community.
What is community?
1. Doing life together (Acts 2:42)
2.  Weathering adversity together (Ecclesiastes 2:9-10)
3. Celebrating victories together (Psalm 20:1-5)
These characteristics occur through time and repetition, so make a 2:42 Small Group a priority.
We are going to meet two weeks in a row (January 24, January 31) to work around the Super Bowl and Valentines, which are on the first two Sundays of February.
Let’s go deeper together!


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