July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017

If you’re a follower of Christ, you probably agree that reading the Bible, studying scripture, is an important part of being a follower.
Our hearts are created to long for connection to Jesus, to know Him more deeply and to be known by Him.  We want that.  But it’s often not doing the Bible study that stalls us: stalls the growth of our faith, the deepening of our relationship with Jesus (and each other), and keeps us stuck.  Longing. Knowing there’s more. Unsure how to get there.
That’s why we’re partnering with Veritas College to offer the first of their 4-part series on how to study the Bible for yourself.  How to read and understand and apply scripture. This 10-week semester will focus on the basics of understanding what this collection of writings consists of, how we got it, how to read it in the context the writer created it, and how to apply it to our lives today.
I would love for you to join me in this exploration of scripture.  Our cost for each participant is $75, but if that’s difficult for you to swing, we have funding to cover any part of the cost that you can’t.  We want you in this class!
Register at cil.churchcenteronline.com.  You can make your payment online, or bring a check to the first class on Monday, July 24th.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I hope to see you on the 24th!
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