January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018

 One of the most satisfying experiences I have as a pastor occurs when I discover someone from CIL is connected to a small group.  You may come to CIL for a season because you enjoy what happens in the services, but you will stay when you connect with a friend.  So, invest in a small group.  Nothing is more important to the development of our church than people in relationship.  Plus, you need it!  You may not think so today, but you’ll need a small group tomorrow!
242 (what we call our small groups) meet this Sunday.  You can learn more about groups available to you by clicking here.  A brochure with more information is available for you at the communication counter in the lobby.   Try a group out!  Christian community is worth the effort and commitment.
As we continue the Epiphany season, I am preaching on Deuteronomy 18:15-19.  I cannot wait to share God’s word with you.  His word is full of power, and it is going to change our lives!


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