June 7,2018

June 7,2018

Our church has a great tradition of Vacation Bible School (VBS) for which we are thankful. However, with our success in the past, let’s not take VBS for granted. Here are reasons I believe in VBS, and why I hope our church continues to support VBS through a high attendance of children.


1. Kids get saved! Every year children publicly decide to become a Christian during VBS. We often discover these stories of change in subsequent months, letting us know that these are not emotional reactions, but true moments of conversion.
2. Catechism occurs. “Catechism” is a traditional term for a systematic presentation of Christian principals (often through questions and answers). VBS presents the gospel and ask questions in different ways throughout VBS, which is part of a child’s faith development. Plus, it’s fun! VBS is part of our strategy to develop the next generation’s faith.
3. Volunteers are established.   VBS grows our “worship one, serve one” volunteer emphasis.   Many people serve at CIL all year long because VBS gave them a starting place to use their gifts.
There are many other reasons, but I wanted these observations to motivate you to register your kids, grandkids, and neighbors.
Take time to register at cilvbs.com
We are looking for more children than ever during this year’s VBS. As our church continues to grow, we want participation in VBS to experience parallel growth.

Here are some important notes about VBS for 2018:

– It is Tuesday – Friday this year!
VBS is happening at CIL on TuesdayJune 19 through FridayJune 22 (starting at 5:45pm). We are excited to try this new span of days.
– We are serving a snack each night, but not a full meal.
– Volunteers must register at cilvbs.com, just like child participants. Please do not show up to volunteer without going through the proper process of application and preparation.
– New programming! Aubrey McGowan and Sonnet Pentecost will be a dynamic team leading music and skits this year. Pastor Chip Johnson – our VBS Director – will join Sonnet in presenting the Bible points and helping to drive home the gospel message each evening.
– We are praying!   We believe God will change lives, strengthen faith, and build our community through VBS.
Have you registered the kids in your life, yet?
Visit cilvbs.com


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM



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