He is Enough

He is Enough

Hey everyone!
We are back in a more regular rhythm as 2019 is well underway. For this calendar year, I just want to enjoy the Lord more.
There have been years I have set lots of audacious goals, and that aggressive approach served me well in some areas. Goal-setting can be helpful in certain seasons of our lives. In other times, instead of a focus on resolutions, we need to cherish the
blessings before us, and spend more time in connection with the Father.
Whatever season of life you find yourself in, I hope the CIL family can be a support to you. Each time we gather for a worship service, Bible study, or other church activity, we want to add value to you!
This Sunday I’ll be preaching a sermon called “Through Waters and Fire” from Isaiah 43:1-7. I look forward to sharing God’s word, singing His praises, and going to the table of the Lord with you.
So thankful to love Jesus with you,





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