Middle School and High School Summer Camps

Middle School and High School Summer Camps

Good Afternoon,
God is doing amazing things in the lives of this church and this community. Specifically, God is moving in a powerful way in the hearts of our young people. It is our desire to continue to provide opportunities that will foster these relationships with Jesus.
In the past, one of the ways we have accomplished this is by holding a joint middle school and high school summer camp. I am thrilled to inform you that this summer will be our first time holding two summer camps. I believe that God has something for each of our students, and two camps allows us to communicate these truths with great intentionality for their specific age range.
For our high school students we will hold High School Experience (HSX)June 21st-24th. For our middle school students we will hold Middle School Summer Camp (MSSC) at Fuge Camp (July 10th-14th).
We are headed to Panama City Beach, Florida, to spend a weekend experiencing God and lots of Florida sun. Throughout each day we will spend time seeking God by time in small groups, His Word, worship, and time with each other.
Maybe your student has been attending for a while or they just began. Maybe they are “further” into their walk with Jesus or they don’t know much about Him. Maybe they have a lot of friends in youth or they do not. Wherever they fall, this weekend is for them.
The deadline for non-refundable deposits is April 1st. Register HERE!

We will be making our way up into the beautiful mountains of North Carolina! For five days we will be attending Fuge Camp. Each morning will start off with worship and the Word, followed up with a Bible study. Throughout the afternoon students will engage in recreational time with their team, participate in their chosen recreational track times, and have time to engage in activities during a structured “free time”. Each day is wrapped with powerful worship and the Word. There is no shortage of excitement throughout these five days.

The deadline for non-refundable deposits is April 1st. Register HERE!
One thing about summer camp is that it takes students out of the “norm”, removing them from their comfort zone. Oftentimes, when we are away from the the constant movement and the predictability of our lives we become increasingly receptive to what God wants to do in our lives. I believe God uses moments in things like summer camp. These are moments when He reveals His heart to students and His purpose for their lives. But the catch is that moments have the opportunity to fade afterward or create a lasting change moving forward.
I ask that you would join us in belief and prayer that both camps would be packed full of moments with eternal impact.
Registration are open. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding parent meetings for camps.
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Bless you,
Pastor Josh


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM



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