August Surge

August Surge


Hello CIL Family!



Thank you for your generosity that has made our 12th annual Back-to-School Blessing possible. I am so thankful for the leadership of Gala Johnson, who works so hard to make this outreach possible. We will pack the bags Friday at 6:00pm, and distribute them on Saturday at the parking lot of Dollar General Market on New Shackle Island Rd (volunteer check-in is at 8:00am).

The month of August is special at CIL. With the school year starting, we usually surge in attendance and enthusiasm.  August is a great time to invite people who do not often attend church to try out CIL. Be thinking and praying about who in your life needs to experience Jesus through the CIL family.

I do not want you to hear the opinions of man; I desire for God’s Word to be a healing, encouraging, guiding source for your life. I pray God’s heart for you comes through my messages. We have experienced collective awareness of the Spirit’s activity in our worship music, and at the end of my messages. We cannot make this happen, but we can ask for His presence. So, let’s pray, “Come Holy Spirit!”

I love serving Jesus with you!




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