A big few days at CIL

A big few days at CIL

We have a great few days ahead at CIL!

There are three Christmas Eve options to choose from:

  • Monday, December 23,¬†at 6:30 pm.
  • Tuesday, December 24, at 2 pm or 3:30 pm.

Aubrey and the worship team are working hard on the music to connect your heart to Jesus. Spread the word to friends who may not usually attend church. Christmas Eve is a great time to invite people!

For those of you who are CIL Partners, you already know we are having a Business Meeting in between the two services (approximately 10:10 am) this Sunday. At this meeting, CIL Partners will ratify Board Members for 2020-21, and vote on a proposal to officially change the meaning of CIL to “Christ is Love.” This opportunity is an exciting proposal that will give us a stronger identity for Jesus in our community.

I am so excited that Josh Sakis will preach this Sunday morning. Josh is an incredible communicator and pastor. I will be speaking at our Christmas Eve services on Monday and Tuesday.

I love being your pastor!


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