Honoring Veterans this Sunday

Honoring Veterans this Sunday

It has been an emotional week in our country with such a close election.  Despite our differences, we have a great nation. This Sunday, we will honor all veterans for their service to our country.  I want all who served to be recognized when your branch is called.  Whether you stand, raise your hand, or comment on Facebook Live, we want to identify you.  There is no need to notify us of your participation ahead of time, just show up in person or join us online, and the recognition will happen in the middle of the service.

Please consider a donation to the Thanksgiving Blessing.  Your generosity keeps our outreach ministries happening!

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CIL’s annual Thanksgiving Blessing is less than a month away!

On Saturday, November 21, we plan to provide fresh turkeys and all the ingredients for local families who need a boost. Your gift of $25 will completely fund Thanksgiving dinner for someone who might be unable to provide that special meal without help.

You can sponsor a Thanksgiving meal through Church Center HERE.

After the project has been funded, any left-over money will go to our Benevolence Fund so we can continue to help people in need.

242 Small Groups meet this Sunday! 

If you are not yet part of a 242 Small Group, we’d love for you to join one! We have 242 Groups for both Students and Adults. Check out our 242 Groups page to learn more!

If you need to use 242 Childcare, please register your children beforehand! You can do so right now, by clicking here: 242 Childcare.

Sharing His Love Locally – Salvus Center


Salvus Center, Inc., is a faith-based primary care health center that seeks to reclaim the Biblical and historical commitment to care for those who are sick and in need so they might experience wholeness, wellness and healing.

Learn more about Salvus Center HERE.


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