New sermon series at CIL!

New sermon series at CIL!


Hey guys!

I will start a new message series this Sunday called May We Be One. These messages will focus on the power of unity in all sectors of society. The attitude of cooperation brings power to friendships, marriages, families, companies, churches, nations, and much, much more.  God loves unity, but it is not easy to establish or maintain.  The Scripture will give us insight into this great need.

What about Galatians?  We’ll likely return to that verse-by-verse teaching later in the year.

CIL Church is now hosting a Spanish service that Pastor Jesus Bermudez leads. Each week, the Spanish service will start at 12:30 PM in the sanctuary. We are so excited about this development!  Please spread the word to all your Spanish-speaking friends.

I am excited about water baptisms on March 7.  Read more about it below!

Let’s keep praying for revival within us!

With love and appreciation,



Water Baptism

Water Baptism is an exciting and important next step for believers! Our next Water Baptism is Sunday, March 7 during both the 9:00am and the 10:45am services. If you’re interested in being baptized, please register HERE.

Sharing His Love at Home:

Daniel and Brittany Becker

Daniel Becker is the Area Director and Brittany Becker is the Area Administrator for Young Life in Sumner. Young Life clubs have an active presence in Sumner County Schools. These groups provide an opportunity for students to share Christ on their campuses and participate in camps and other activities year-round. Daniel and Brittany attend CIL, and we are proud to be on their support team. For more information on Young Life, click on the photo.


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