The God for Me!

The God for Me!


We have a rich and beloved text to receive from this Sunday in John 10:11-15.   We’ll praise Jesus as our perfect shepherd as I preach a message titled “The God For Me.”  Pastor Aubrey will have anointed worship music prepared.  You will leave service this Sunday loving Jesus and people more!  This love is what our faith is about. Christ is Love!

Grace and peace,




Have you been baptized in water?   You have that opportunity at CIL Church two weeks in a row – April 25 and May 2.   The baptistry will be set up both Sundays, so register today!  Click here to register – Water Baptism


Sharing His Love –
Carriage House Ministries


Carriage House is the ministry of CIL’s longtime friend, Kent Henry. This ministry is based in the St. Louis area, but provides global worship opportunities through Kent Henry, Matt Henry, and Ariel Henry-Glose.

Carriage House seeks to establish a place to train, record and release the sounds of countless worshippers that have been prepared for such a time as this.

CIL supports this ministry financially each month. You can learn more about Carriage House HERE!

Livestream at 9am Only Starting May 2
Starting May 2, we will only give a Livestream to the 9 AM service.   Since each service has the same music and sermon, people will be able to access the 9 AM service online both live and at any point during the week.


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM


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Hendersonville, TN, 37075