Reset Your Focus

Reset Your Focus


I want you to experience this Sunday’s message. I have some insights to help you focus on producing spiritual fruit – the kind that brings value to every part of your life! It will be part two of my series Reset, with a message titled “Reset Your Focus.”

Plan to stick around a few minutes after each service as we will have our 242 Connect. You will meet leaders of 242 small groups looking for people to visit their groups. Small groups are important to the Kingdom of God and good for you!

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Three Streams School of Theology (TSST)

Three Streams School of Theology (TSST) offers in-person courses for those who seek ongoing theological education apart from formal seminary training. Depending on which course you enroll in, classed will start either January 16 or 17, 2023. There is a small $50 fee for these 12-week courses.

Visit for more details on philosophy.

This semester course offerings:

Veritas 2 – Cathy Lackey (Monday nights)
Veritas 4 – Deborah Jackson (Monday nights)
Church History – Deborah, Aaron, and Jacob (Tuesday nights)
Go directly to the CIL Church’s Church Center “Events” to register.

Click Here for Veritas 2

Click Here for Veritas 4

Click Here for Church History


Let’s dig in!




We now have a text message distribution list with a short message from CIL Church. This communication by text will be our primary way to spread last-minute changes or cancellations. If you haven’t received a text already, and want to be part of these text notifications, click here:




242 Small Groups exist to connect, grow, share, and serve together in Christian community. 242 Small Groups meet every other week in the spring starting January 22.

Interested in joining a 242 Small Group but want to know more about them? Come to 242 Connect on January 15 in between services and learn more about what 242 Small Groups we offer. If there is not a 242 Small Group you are interested in, talk with Pastor Jacob about starting a 242 Small Group.




Awana starts back on January 18! We are looking forward to the best semester yet! We hope your children will consistently be a part of this intentional time to grow in relationship with God, friends, and leaders.


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