Let’s Regather at Church

Let’s Regather at Church


What a week we have experienced, and I pray we never repeat it. I am so relieved there were no fatalities in Sumner County from the December 9, 2023, tornado. I am so sorry for those who had damage to your home or were without power for an extended time. If you need help from the church, please let me or another pastor know – we want to walk with you.

Your generosity to the Gratitude Offering has already given us funds to help with the tornado’s aftermath. This generosity from CIL Church will continue as the weeks and months unfold. You can still donate for the Gratitude Offering. We have raised over 9 thousand dollars already!  We will continue this offering until January 6, 2024.

I will continue our Advent series called The Characters of Advent this Sunday. I will teach on the Angels as we focus on the theme of Joy.

As you make Christmas Eve plans, we value those who come to the 1 pm service. We have the elementary children in the sanctuary for each service that Sunday, so it will be helpful to have the congregation and friends from the community dispersed in the three services.

CIL Partners, make sure you ratify our latest Leadership Board nominations for 2024-2025 by this Sunday. The details of this are in a separate email to CIL Partners.

He is still our joy!





Three Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, which gives us a different schedule. We will have three identical Christmas Eve services at 9 am10:45 am, and 1 pm.

Elementary students will join us for the entire service. Childcare is provided for those age 4 and under.

Start making plans now to celebrate Jesus!




The Gratitude Offering is our year-end gift to thank God for His blessings, our church family, and the community in which we live.

The Gratitude Offering funds:

1. Season of Blessing outreach
2. Benevolence for CIL families
3. Building improvements.

Thank you for blessing our community! Let’s keep growing together!


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM



1004 Drakes Creek Rd.
Hendersonville, TN, 37075