Preparing for Easter on March 31

Preparing for Easter on March 31



CIL Church family,

Easter Sunday is an incredible celebration of our faith and the reality of Jesus Christ. Easter is a time to regather those who have not been to church recently and to welcome in new people to a relationship with Christ. Easter is March 31, 2024.

We are adding a third service for Easter weekend!

Service #1       Saturday, March 30 at 6:00 PM
Service #2       Sunday, March 31 at 9:00 AM
Service #3       Sunday, March 31 at 10:45 AM

The Easter egg hunt for the kids will be during the two Sunday services. For the Saturday service, we will have childcare for ages four and under.

I look forward to preaching this Sunday. Bring a friend to experience Jesus at CIL Church.

Grace and peace,






‘Questions About Prayer’

Continuing our commitment to creating a culture of prayer, CIL is offering a 6-week class to deepen our understanding of prayer and how it forms the believer.  We’ll explore questions like:  How do you define prayer? Why is it impossible? What do I pray when I don’t know what to pray? What does it mean to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit? What role does prayer have in both physical and emotional healing? What is intercession? What is spiritual warfare?

‘Questions About Prayer’ is for men and women who desire to grow in faith and intimacy with God.  Registration is open here!




CIL Forward exists so that every person in our church has heard our vision, understands the gospel, is in a relationship with Christ and is engaging in ministry.

The next CIL Forward is Tuesday, April 9 at 6:30pm.

Register for CIL Forward Here!




The Thursday before Easter, called Maundy Thursday, is a day the church has historically gathered for a worship service to recognize the gathering of Jesus with his disciples for their final hours together, the giving of the command to love, the betrayal, and the march to the cross.

We’ll gather at 6:30pm on Maundy Thursday to hear the story again, to walk with Jesus through those hours, and to leave longing for Sunday.

Childcare is provided through age four.




242 Small Groups meet this Sunday! 

If you are not yet part of a 242 Small Group, we’d love for you to participate in one! We have 242 Groups for both Students and Adults. Check out our 242 Groups page to learn more!

If you need to use 242 Childcare, please register your children beforehand! You can do so right now, by clicking here: 242 Childcare.


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM


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