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  We plan to have both services this Sunday at 9 am and 10:45 am.  I spoke with the CIL Elders - Aubrey McGowan, Chip Johnson, and Deborah Jackson - and we are all in agreement. I am confident that all young and healthy people will navigate the coronavirus with limited impact.  However, concerning the elderly and ill, we will continue this week to adapt social practices when it comes to handshakes and hugs. We will also have individualized, disposable communion cups and wafers for our sacramental worship. These individualized cups are not my preference long-term but are useful alternatives during vulnerable times.  Please don't feel any pressure to come, but if you are not in a high-risk category, we plan to worship with you. I will be continuing the sermon series Ten Opportunities this Sunday. This series has been a refreshing look at Scripture as we let God's Word shape us into the people He desires. This week's message is titled Keep His Name Holy. It...

  IF: Gathering 1. The IF: Gathering for women is tonight and tomorrow.   Pray for our ladies to be impacted by this influential conference.       Sunday's Sermon 2. We will continue the series on the Ten Commandments this week by looking at the second opportunity.  You will see in this call God’s invitation to “Worship Him Only.”     3. Daylight savings starts this Sunday, so spring your clocks forward before you go to bed this Saturday night.   242 Small Groups 4. 242 Childcare and Teens is this Sunday.  Make sure to register for childcare by clicking here:

I love our community, and I am so glad that we are on this journey together to know His love, share His love! This Sunday we start a new message series, Ten Opportunities. We want to encourage you through the ten commandments because they are opportunities for the characteristics of Jesus to grow in our hearts. Someone you know needs to be at CIL! Invite them. We have a room! We are a family expecting guests!         Sharing His Love at Home - SaveOne Abortion has a deep ripple effect. It affects women, men, and families. SaveOne provides abortion recovery services for our community. “SaveOne told me I didn’t have to deal with this memory alone anymore. The hardest thing I had to do was let the ladies of SaveOne love me. They showed me how to accept and give forgiveness. This, you may think is the end of the story; but I promise you it is really by the Grace...


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