Staff & Leadership


Aaron Allison

Lead Pastor

Beth Allison

Creative Arts Director

Gail Boyd

Business Manager

Sarah Christopher

Welcome Team Director

Jennifer Cordray

Children’s Pastor

Deborah Jackson

Operations Pastor

Chip Johnson

Pre-Teen Pastor

Cori Fuller

Office Manager

Aubrey McGowan

Worship Leader

Deanna Powell

Early Childhood

Josh Sakis

Student Pastor


Full-time Staff

Aaron Allison, Lead Pastor
Jacob Bell, Community Life Pastor
Deborah Jackson, Operations Pastor
Cori Fuller, Office Manager
Josh Sakis, Student Pastor

Part-time Staff

Beth Allison, Creative Arts Director
Gail Boyd, Business Manager
Sarah Christopher, Director of Partner Engagement
Jennifer Cordray, Children’s Pastor
Chip Johnson, Pre-Teen Pastor
Aubrey McGowan, Worship Leader
Deanna Powell, Early Childhood Director / HELP (Mother’s Day Out) Director


Aaron Allison
Deborah Jackson
Chip Johnson
Aubrey McGowan

Additional ordained pastors:
Daniel Robertson

Licensed pastors:
Beth Allison
Jacob Bell
Jennifer Cordray
Josh Sakis

Leadership Board

Here is a list of all our current Leadership Board members and their remaining terms as of January 1, 2021

Rhonda Gregory (2 years) – Legal Secretary
Butch Griffin (1 years)
Joe Keller (2 years)

Jonathan Kidd (1 year)
Laura Rivera (2 years) – Legal Treasurer
Charles Watson (1 year)


The church Overseers for 2020-2021.

Mike Burnette – Lifepoint Church (Clarksville, TN)
John McKinzie – Hope Fellowship (Frisco, TX)
Ronnie Meek – Retired Pastor (Nashville)
Dan Scott – Retired Pastor and Bishop (Nashville)


Sundays: 9AM & 10:45AM


1004 Drakes Creek Rd.
Hendersonville, TN, 37075