Our Ministry Partners at Home and Around the Globe

You share in the impact that all of our missions partners have, both in our community and around the globe. CIL is able to financially support these efforts because of your generous donations. If you would like to give a special gift to one of our partners, click the DONATE button and follow the instructions to give a gift online.

CIL Christmas Blessing

Memories from CIL Christmas Blessings.

The Pentecost Family

Sometimes the Christmas season can be so busy and distracting that we overlook the people we are called to serve, people who find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons. CIL’s Christmas Blessing offers an opportunity to focus on giving to those in desperate need, the homeless community in our area.

Luke 6:31 says, “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.” One way to apply this verse is to look at the homeless and say, If I was cold, I would want a blanket and a coat. If I was hungry, I would want food.  If I was feeling lonely, outcast or forgotten, I would want to feel seen.

During each December you can help. There will be collection boxes in the lobby for donations of the following: blankets, sleeping bags, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, thick socks, thermal underwear, new or gently used, along with small propane tanks, Chapstick, cough drops, small Kleenex packs, feminine products, stuffed animals, McDonald’s or Burger King gift cards, individually wrapped food items, (peanut butter or cheese & crackers, fruit snacks, candy, granola bars, beef jerky, Little Debbie’s, chocolate, etc,).

Then on Christmas morning, we meet at CIL at 8:00 AM and caravan to a location in Madison where we provide a sausage and biscuit breakfast and bags for those in need can “shop” for any items that they would like. The items are a great way for our team to have conversation with them and to share God’s love.

Michael and Sonnet along with their children Christian and Payton and their married daughter Mackenzie and son-in-law Brandon Reynolds organize the outreach each year providing a rewarding experience for all who participate. They coordinate the collection of donations, volunteers and distribution of the donated items.


If you have any questions or would like to join their team, please call Sonnet Pentecost at 615-585-5329.

Young Life

Daniel and Brittany Becker

Daniel Becker is the Area Director and Brittany Becker is the Area Administrator for Young Life in Sumner County. Young Life clubs have an active presence in Sumner County Schools. These groups provide an opportunity for students to share Christ on their campuses and participate in camps and other activities year-round. Daniel and Brittany attend CIL, and we are proud to be on their support team.

Global Initiative

Mel and Jillian moved to Bangladesh in 2011 with their two small children. They helped start and operate a home for children who were born of women who worked in the local brothels. They also conducted children’s camps and taught in Bible schools. Mel, Jillian and their family now serve in a larger context in ministry to the Muslim world through the Global Initiative Reaching Muslim Peoples.

Mel and Jillian Rogers Family


Jimmy and Kyla Rivera

Mission Discovery organizes teams of student and adult volunteers to build homes for families in need, love on orphans, feed the hungry, clothe and educate school children, provide medical care, and empower churches to bring hope to their communities. The Mission Discovery Staff arranges food, lodging, and logistics for volunteer teams. Each night the team offers a worship service.

Jimmy Rivera is President of Mission Discovery. He and Kyla Rivera are loyal members of CIL.


Abortion has a deep ripple effect. It affects women, men, and families. SaveOne provides abortion recovery services for our community.

“SaveOne told me I didn’t have to deal with this memory alone anymore. The hardest thing I had to do was let the ladies of SaveOne love me. They showed me how to accept and give forgiveness. This, you may think is the end of the story; but I promise you it is really by the Grace of God, only beginning. With the help of SaveOne I now am One Saved.” (from a Saved One client)

Reaching 360

Jeff Gregory

Jeff and Lisa Gregory have served in ministry together since 1986 and founded Reaching 360 in 2012. They have a heart to reach the UnReached people of the world with the love and message of Jesus. In order to demonstrate the tangible love of Jesus, Reaching 360 seeks to empower local believers to reach their communities by first providing for their basic needs like clean water, food, and education. Reach 360 has a direct from the source coffee sale program that helps support their work. Jeff utilizes his background in mechanical engineering to construct Life Centres, dig water wells, install filtration systems, and provide practical resources for communities in need. By meeting the physical needs of these UnReached communities, Reaching 360 has the opportunity to demonstrate Jesus’ love in a practical way. Jeff also understands the value of spiritual growth. For this reason, Reaching 360 blends a humanitarian focus with the need for the Gospel. Without Christ, our pursuits for social justice will be in vain.

Jackie serves with Live Dead Arab World, an initiative that aims to plant churches among unreached people groups through teams. Jackie calls CIL home and attends our services online as she has dinner every Sunday.

She leads a church planting team of bi-vocational workers on the Arabian Peninsula. Together they pray for and work to see indigenous churches planted throughout her host country. Since Covid 19 has also affected Jackie’s ability to meet new people in a conventional way, she has begun conducting “prayer drives” through the neighborhoods where she was previously meeting people to help start a church.When she can go out, she picks a different area and prays for the people living there as she drives.

She is also a freelance writer and editor with clients in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the U.S. Jackie has just finished writing a new one-year devotional book entitled Missionary God, Missionary Bible. She invites her friends and supporters to order her book by clicking HERE. Proceeds support her missionary work.

Jackie Chapman

Thanksgiving Blessing

One of the most special days each year at CIL is our Thanksgiving Blessing that takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Our neighbors have come to know that CIL will provide all the fixin’s for a complete family Thanksgiving meal when they are in need of a little extra help. It’s an amazing day when 150+ cars line up in the CIL driveway to be greeted by CIL volunteers with hot coffee, donuts, boxes of food and a smiling face. We always offer to pray for each family as they move through the line. Pastor Chip and Gala organize the project with help from many other CIL members.

Contact Pastor Chip for more information on helping with the next Thanksgiving Blessing.


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